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Gas Water Heaters

Clogged burners are dangerous. Gas water heaters should get serviced regularly to prevent costly repairs.

Safety Comes First

Regular maintenance will prevent future problems, save energy and extend the life of your gas water heater.

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Solar Water Heaters

High-quality solar water systems are reliable and long-lasting..... This doesn't mean they don't break...

Solar Geysers

At some point, all solar geysers need repair work and component replacement from normal wear and tear.

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Instant Water Heaters

Low water pressure, excessive noise or discoloured water ? Your instant water heater needs attention.

Get Boiling Water Instantly

Instant water heaters are convenient and efficient. However,  not without problems. Problems we will fix. Quick & Convenient.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Because of small apertures inside a tankless unit, you need to flush it every six months.

Economical Hot Water

If the water supply slows, it may be time for a flush.With proper maintenance, tankless water heaters rarely develop problems

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Hot Water Heater Emergency?

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Service & Repairs To Any Water Heater.

Is your water heating system out of warranty and requires repairs, maintenance or servicing? KWIK-SERVE can repair and maintain most Residential and Commercial Water Heaters, Heat Pump Repairs, Solar Geyser Repairs, Gas Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters and Instant Hot Boiling Water Dispensers.

We offer:

  • Expert Advice
  • 6 month Warranty on Labour
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 12 month Warranty on Replaced Components

If you need to repair or upgrade to a new and/or bigger water heater or if you are looking to install an electric geyser, heat pump, solar geyser, gas or tankless water heaters for the first time, you are at the right place. We are Kwikot Approved water heater installers and will help you make the right decision when budget and hot water requirement don’t balance, with a wide selection of appliances best suited for you and your home.

We Are Water Heater Specialists.

Our experienced technicians will have your hot water heater back in action, quick, no matter the type, brand or make of your water heater, with optimal water heating temperatures while being energy efficient at the same time!

Solar Geysers 90%
Gas Water Heaters 94%
Heat Pumps 97%
Instant Water Heaters 95%
Commercial Water Heaters 97%

Extremely Impressed!!

We were looking to install a gas geyser in our home and ONLY wanted an experts opinion on what to go for and...

Mike Dektra


Mike Dektra

We were looking to install a gas geyser in our home and ONLY wanted an experts opinion on what to go for and if it's possible. These guys said they'll come to me free of charge and evaluate if my home was suitable for a gas geyser conversion/installation and what all would be required. I was shown brochures of water heaters and prices along with actual client installs of what would best suit me and my family. I was so blown away that in the end we even purchased everything from Kwik-Serve and got them to do the install as well! Well done guys, job exceeded my expectations!! Keep up the outstanding customer service!

Excellent service at affordable prices

I had issues with my solar geyser where the water would just not get hot enough and needed it to be fixed asap!...

Damian Mackenzie


Damian Mackenzie

I had issues with my solar geyser where the water would just not get hot enough and needed it to be fixed asap! I came across Kwik-Serve that claimed to have the best prices around and offered free consultations, so I gave Dave a call who came out to my premises and was able to assess my issues on the spot. A simple part replacement and all was fixed. Speedy response and truly competitive pricing! Thank you.

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