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When dealing with a problematic Gas Water Heater or Gas Geyser, a faulty pilot light or sticky solenoid is often your main culprits.

If  You Are Looking for assistance with ~ Not enough or no hot water, the pilot light won’t stay lit, discoloured water, leaking or maybe your water is too hot.

Look no further, we’ll source the problem and repair your gas water heater, guaranteed!

Emergency Gas Geyser Repairs.

Getting your gas geyser repairs done by Kwik-Serve means you’ll have your instant hot water back up and running in no time. You cannot live your daily life without having hot water, so why wait when Kwik-Serve is here to help you in your time of need.

Gas Water Heater Replacement.

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Repairs To Water Heater Pilot Light

Gas Water Heater Maintenance

From a pilot light that won’t stay lit, a thermocouple that’s wasting precious gas, a tank that’s leaking, no hot water, sediment build-up that’s reducing the heat of your water and reducing your gas geysers efficiency are just a few mentions on what your water heater might experience from a lack of maintenance or faulty equipment.

Don’t let it get to that, let Kwik-Serve’s highly skilled and professional team maintain your gas water heaters and keep them in optimal operating conditions throughout the year.

Domestic & Commercial Water Heater Services

With a record of accomplishment and countless satisfied residential and commercial clients, you can trust Kwik-Serve as the number one gas geyser service and repair company in South Africa.

Kwik-Serve is the only company here to do the job other companies won’t do…..

Customers were left high and dry when their warranty period expired and their gas water heaters needed some repair or maintenance.

Contact Kwik-Serve and ask about their residential and Commercial maintenance and service contracts offered at up to 45% less than non-contract Fees.

Repairs To Water Heater Pilot Light


We are KWIKOT approved and SAQCC registered (South African Qualification and Certification Committee) to ensure the safe use of and installations of all gas appliances. All our installations receive a Certificate of Compliance on completion.

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Looking for more gas related uses than just water heaters? No problem, let us determine the best possible solution for you in your home or business with other great uses such as cooking with gas or even heating your home, we install all LPGSA safe listed appliances!